Many of you have played a variety of traditional games outside but have never played any NFT games. And you’ve heard a lot about Axie Infinity, but the investment is quite high, so you’re hesitant to open an account to play. You can find other NFT games with lower investment…


Forest Spirit: Heal front teammate for 190 HP..


CyBall is a football-themed NFT P2E game, but the avatars on the field are inspired by the Cyborgs from the planet Cyblock, who are half-human and half-cyborg. Users can collect, trade, and train their own players in order to compete against other players.

Although there is no IDO information yet…

Let’s find out how to join the Minigame and what are the rewards waiting for you guys!

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Ancient8 is extremely excited to launch a Minigame “Stronghold Building” for users to join in building a strong community and get through this…

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The time has come!!!

After 6 intensive recruitment days (Sep 25th — Sep 30th), we are very impressed with over thousands registration Forms poured into Ancient8 Army — the first and largest Crypto playground for the community in Vietnam!

We have witnessed many candidates…

In the words of the master of war, Sun Tzu “Master yourself, master the enemy

So, today A8 will share with you some tactics as well as notes to increase your chances of winning PVP match:

1/ Important factors in a PVP match:

  • Critical Strike (beast) (the key is luckiness)
  • Speed (decide which Axie fights first)
  • Energy…

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Ancient8 was born with the cooperation between Coin98 Finance, Kyros Ventures & Coin68 Media, forming the first largest Crypto community playground in Vietnam and becoming the main topic of large and small conversations in the communities. So what makes Ancient8 so hot…

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I’ve come across up to five instances where people are unfamiliar with creating wallet accounts. In fact, many of you are getting the download link for the Ronin wallet from somewhere other than the Axie website, such as a fake…

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Axie Infinity is a trending P2E game in today’s blockchain gaming market with a two-token mechanism that allows players to make stable profits. However, for those who do not know about the cryptocurrency market, joining Axie Infinity has many difficulties.

The question…

This is the common question of many Axie Infinity newbie players. Let Ancient8 help you find out the answer.

Currently, there are 2 ways to earn money from Axie Infinity:

1. Fighting PVE/PVP battles.

2. Breeding a new Axie Pet.

In this article, Ancient8 will dive into the first way…


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